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So basically, the premise of the anime is kind of promising. Pastel Memories about a time where otaku culture has gone down, so no anime or mango. It sounds stupid, and trust me, it’s kind of stupid. There’s this once cafe that has some girls. They can transport themselves into anime and mango worlds to clean out “viruses”. Once that’s said and done, the memories people had about that series gets restored. Now that I type it out, I’m asking myself why I am watching this. Episode one was garbage. It was okay, but way too boring.

Episode two was ok. It totally ripped off Usagi Desu Ka. No joke. Just look at it. I choked on my popcorn when I saw it.

Episode three is also ok. The final battle was way too short. Literally ended in one slash.

I’d say that this anime doesn’t really have a good chance with the audience. It’s not too good, and it’s already ripping off of not one, but two animes. The title “Pastel Memories” sounds very similar to “Plastic Memories”. And Plamemo was released in 2k16 while Pastel was originally released (manga) 2 years ago in 2k17. Also, said this before, it blatantly rips off Usagi desu ka. I’m not sure if episode three rips off of any anime, but I’ve never watched an anime about dolls. I mean the closest thing is that one about the vampire loli that aired last season.

Also, this anime has legit the WORST ED EVER. Not the audio, but the accompanying visual is so risque! Even worse than KLK!

I’d continue watching this, but honestly I don’t think I will give it a good rating.

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